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“ To me, it's not just about picking a nice color.
Does it work with your space
and make you feel the way you need it to? ”
 – Betsey Dempsey

Picking out the necessary elements for your home or business can be a complicated task. Exteriors are even more difficult. With thousands of paint colors and home goods to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Betsey observes the total environment including the lighting, flooring, furnishings, architecture, and existing colors that need to be worked with. What is the space to be used for? Too often, that question is overlooked and a decision will be wrong for your space.  Most importantly, Betsey wants the client to have some input, to ensure they are completely satisfied. Making the right choices the first time around can save you a significant amount of time and money.

What to Expect from a Paint Color Consultation:

Betsey will gladly travel to your home or business. When choosing paint colors, she will bring various color fan decks, and design kits containing larger color samples. After observing your space, and colors have been selected and mutually agreed upon, you will be left with all of the information you need to proceed with the task. Fees are dependent upon location.

What to Expect from a Tile, Kitchen, Bath, or Flooring Consultation:

Betsey will take a look at your space and discuss your needs with you. Afterward, she can go with you to a kitchen, tile, flooring, or other home improvement store to help you with the selection of home goods for your project. It is Betsey's mission to have everything work seamlessly together, in your budget.

802•777•5298   230 Bay Road, Shelburne, VT  05482
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