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How do I pick exterior colors?

Picking colors for the outside of your house is much trickier (and more costly!) than interior colors. First, consider what elements you are not changing. What color is your roof? If it is brown, then it's safer to stay away from a gray house. Is the roof a color that is not neutral? If so, you will probably want to keep your siding very neutral. Don't forget to consider how much vegetation is near your house. Are you heavily shaded by trees? You will need to decide if you want your house to blend in or stand out. I even consider the colors of flowers on the property when choosing colors. One rule of thumb when looking at colors at a paint store: they will always look much lighter outside. When you think you've decided on one, do a huge sample and lean it up against the side of the house. Look at it from a distance and at various times of day. Remember, it's a process and may take a while to figure out!

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