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I have gray and beige in my room. How do I pick a wall color?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I've seen this many times. For example, a room may have beige carpet and gray furniture. How do you pick a wall color to work with both? To me, the answer is neither beige or gray - or "greige". Greige is overused and you'll never go "Wow!" when it's finished - something I always strive for.

You need some "color", as opposed to something too neutral. If you're hoping to stay neutral, opt for one that has a touch of green, blue, or red in it. The undertone will help bridge the gray and beige. In the example of the beige carpet and gray furniture, picking a color such as Benjamin Moore's Moonshine (OC-56) will work well. Moonshine is very neutral but has a nice, "bottle" green/blue undertone. Think about your wardrobe. You'd wear beige pants with a green/blue top, as well as gray pants with the same top. The blue/green undertone brings the gray and beige together.

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