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Should ceilings be white?

Ceilings are almost always painted white by default. Sure, white is very reflective of light and makes ceilings look higher, but white is not always the best answer. Some of my favorite projects have been ones where I convinced clients to put some color on the ceiling. This works especially well in enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, dining rooms and some living rooms. (Not as well in a spaces where the ceiling just seems to keep going.) Also, if you have crown molding, you have a great "frame" for the ceiling color. A soft color on the ceiling can make the room more cheerful and interesting than white. Darker colors can be beautiful too, especially if your ceiling is high and you want to make the room cozier. One thing to keep in mind: if there is color on the ceiling, it is safest to avoid a strong color on the walls. Unless it's a great combination, they could fight. My favorite color for a ceiling? Soft pink! It adds a wonderful, warm glow and most people never even notice it is pink! Check out my residential photos on this site. You'll see a soft turquoise ceiling that made that bedroom much more interesting.

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