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What do I do with my ugly...

Updated: May 24, 2020

Tub, floor, countertop, you name it. I've seen my share of avocado or pink tubs at clients' homes. (They bring me back to my youth!) If you have one, you may be scratching your head to figure out how to make your space look updated on a budget. My rule: Work with it, not against it. Recently, I convinced a new homeowner to keep her pink tub to save funds for other needed projects. Along with the pink tub, she had a dado in gray tile with black tile at the bottom. Very mid-century and cool - at least to me. I suggested she update the vanity and lighting, remove the wallpaper, and paint the upper wall a very light shade of pink. I know it is going to all come together and look fabulous! (Pink is coming on strong, by the way! Check out Opal, by Benjamin Moore. Gorgeous and sophisticated!) If there is history in the house, I like to honor that history. Some of these old features can look "new" again with the right updates around them. So don't pretend that red countertop with the metal trim isn't there, work it!

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